Birth Name: Mya Marie Harrison   Latin Meaning: Mya
Birth Date: October 10, 1979    /    Birth Time: 6:57am EST
Zodiac Sign: Libra  /  Rising Sign:  Virgo /  Node:  North  / Complimentary: Aries
Nicknames: My My, Mya-Re, 10-10
Place of Birth: Washington, DC
Places Raised: NE Washington, DC, New Carrolton, Bladensburg, Largo, Mitchellville (MD)
Parents: Sherman Harrison (Father) & Theresa Harrison (Mother)
Siblings: Chaz (Brother) & Nijel (Baby Brother)
Aunt: to 1 Niece & 2 Nephews
Mother of 4 animals: Rambo (RIP), Bear (RIP), Mellow, Journey
Family Pets: Rex (RIP), Pepper (RIP), Jemma, Tango
Raised in: NE Washington,DC, Bladensburg,MD, New Carrolton, MD & Largo, MD, Mitchellville, MD
Instrument: Violin
Dance: Studied Rhythm Tap, Ballet, Jazz, African, Captain of H.S. Pom Pom Team
Fitness: Marathon Runner, Boxing Regiment, Pole Training
Nutrition: Twice a Vegetarian and a newfound Vegan as of July 1, 2014
Interests: Holistic Healing,Health & Nutrition, Life Coaching, Writing, Human Energy Systems, Kemeticism, Independent Thinking, Clean energy
Relationship Status: Married to Higher Self

1st Hustle: Graffiti Art and portraits for students in high school
1st Job: Dance Instructor
1st Car: ’87 Toyota MR2
1st Pet: Guinea Pig
1st Pair of ballet shoes: Age 2 1/2
1st Pair of tap shoes: Age 3
1st Baton:  Age 5
Childhood Pets: Guinea Pigs, Hamster-Chumpy, Parakeets: Harry & Larry, Black Lab: Speedy, Golden retriever/German Shepard: Speedy, German Shepard: Rex
Childhood Arts: Piano Lessons, Majorettes, Tap, Ballet, Gymnastics, Painting, Violin
Team Sports:  Cross Country, Volleyball
1st Albums bought: Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam & Joeski Love
Favorite Color: Wild Orchid or Fuchsia
Fav Book: The Light Shall Set You Free (by Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)
Fav Foods: Caribbean Curry, East Indian Curry, Italian (Vegan) Manicotti
Fav Dessert: Apple/Peach Coconut Rum, Raisin Pie or Cobbler
Fav Childhood Cartoons: Dennis the Menace, He-Man, Jem
Fav Chilhdood Movie: Flight of the Navigator
Fav Disney Movie: Lady and the Tramp
Fav Reality Show: Dance Moms
Fav Broadway Plays: Jelly’s Last Jam, Ghost
Fav Movies: Mahogany, City of God
Fav Documentaries: Zeitgeist (All), Earthlings, Veducated, Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, More Than Honey, Cosmos, Very Young Girls
Fav TV Series: Orange Is the New Black
Fav Channels: Science Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet
Fav Sport: Boxing
Fav Board Game: Monopoly
Fav Position: CEO
Birthstone: Tourmaline Opal
Lover of: Rollercoasters, Rollerskating, Bumper Cars & Color
Passions: Outerspace Study, Children, Animals, Holistic Health, Veganism
Dance: Studied Tap with Gregory Hines, The Nicholas Brothers, Jimmy Slyde, Ted Levy, Chuck Green, Buster Brown, Sandman Sims, Bunny Briggs, Brenda Buffalino, Savion Glover, Lavaughn Robinson, Germaine Ingram, Diane Walker, Henry LeTang, Renee Kreithen, Yvonne Edwards, Mickey Bailey
Ballet:  Arthur Mithcell’s Dance Theatre of Harlem Residencies (Suitland, Maryland)
Highschool Arts: Violin in Concert Orchestra, 2nd Soprano in Gospel Choir & Captain of Pom Pom Team
Other Talents & Crafts: Sketch/Design, Sound Engineering, Teaching, Curriculum Development for Youth, Make-Up
Biggest Accomplishment:  Maintaining sanity, peace of mind, listening to inner voice.

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  1. What’s up MYya! I’ve had a crush on you for like 20 years. I was born in 1980. Grew up in Youngstown and Campbell OH. You are the most beautiful woman on the planet. When I found out you are vegan my crush went to a whole other level. I’ve always wanted to meet you. My passion is animal rights and spreading the message to people everywhere. I would love to work on a project with you to raise awareness about veganism and animal rights. Perhaps a documentary. I sent you a few tweets. Get back to me either on twitter, facebook or here. Thanks beautiful lady! Healthy regards, Mark Matasic

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