Birth Name: Mya Marie Harrison
Birth Date: October 10, 1979
Birth Time: 6:57am EST
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Place of Birth: Washington, DC
Parents: Sherman Harrison (Father) & Theresa Harrison (Mother)
Siblings: Chaz (Brother) & Nijel (Baby Brother)
Aunt: to 1 Niece & 1 Nephew
Mother of 6 animals: Bear, Pepper, Tango, Mellow & Journey, Rambo (RIP)
Raised in: NE Washington,DC, Bladensburg,MD, New Carrolton,MD & Largo, MD.
Instrument: Violin
Dance: Studied Tap, Ballet, African, Captain of H.S. Pom Pom Team
Fitness: Marathon Runner
Nutrition: Vegetarian
Interests: Holistic Healing, Life Coaching, Writing
Religion: Christian
Relationship Status: Married to God

1st Hustle: Graffiti and portraits for students in high school
1st Job: Dance Instructor
1st Car: ’87 Toyota MR2
1st Pet: Guinea Pig
1st Pair of ballet shoes: Age 2 1/2
1st Pair of tap shoes: Age 3
Childhood Pets: Guinea Pigs, Hamster-Chumpy, Parakeets: Harry & Larry, Black Lab: Speedy, Golden retriever/German Shepard: Speedy, German Shepard: Rex
Childhood Arts: Piano Lessons, Majorettes, Tap, Ballet, Gymnastics, Painting
1st Albums bought: Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam & Joeski Love
Favorite Color: Wild Orchid or Fuchsia
Fav Book: The Light Shall Set You Free (by Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)
Fav Childhood Cartoons: Dennis the Menace, Jem
Fav Disney Movie: Lady and the Tramp
Fav Reality Show: Dance Moms
Fav Broadway Play: Jelly’s Last Jam
Fav Movie: Mahogany
Fav TV Series: Orange Is the New Black
Fav Channel: Science Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet
Fav Sport: Boxing
Fav Board Game: Monopoly
Fav Position: CEO
Birthstone: Tourmaline Opal
Lover of: Rollercoasters, Rollerskating, Bumper Cars & Color
Passions: Outerspace Study, Children, Animals
Dance: Studied Tap with Gregory Hines, Ted Levy, Chuck Green, Buster Brown, Brenda Buffalino, Savion Glover, Renee Kreithen, Yvonne Edwards, Mickey Bailey
Ballet: Dance Theatre of Harlem Residencies (Suitland, Maryland)
Highschool Arts: Violin in Concert Orchestra, 2nd Soprano in Gospel Choir and Captain of Pom Pom Team
Other Talents & Crafts: Sketch/Design, Sound Engineering, Make-Up
Biggest Accomplishment: Walking away to retrieve & maintain sanity & peace of mind and taking matter into my own hands.