Japan hit by 8.9 earthquake; Tsunami alerts issued

Our thoughts and prayers are with are fans, friends, family and all those affected by the devestating 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hit northern Japan, triggering tsunamis today. 

I have a strong love for my Japan fans, friends and family, and we are absolutely speechless at the moment as we watch in shock, with the rest of the world on CNN as developments unfold. 

We are sending out our love and prayers to all affected.  Closest to our heart in Japan are the amazing staff of Manhattan Records/Lexington Co.  We are hoping and praying for the best, and encourage the world to come together in love, unity, respect and action at this crucial time.  There will be a need for signifigant numbers of people to come together, mobilize and help our global family in Japan.  As we find more info, and details to post, we will update.
In the mean time please stay informed via news outlets of your choice, and join us in sending our prayers to the people of Japan at this time.